Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Swap

I seriously think this is the coolest idea ever. I've seen it in the movies but I didn't know people actually did this in real life. (It's that whole living under a rock thing.) A family with four children from Phoenix, AZ is currently living in southern France for a year via a home swap. You can read more about it here or the family's blog, here. I think a year might be a little tricky, especially with kids who are in school and also for employment reasons (minor details), BUT if you took the time to figure all that out, it would be such an amazing experience. The only problem I could see myself running into is finding a family to swap with. Ideally it would be a family with a gorgeous home in superbly cool, exotic place with a strong desire to live in my little house in the suburban Midwest. Hmmm... Yeah...That might not work. If you're interested in home swapping find out more about it here: HomeForSwap and HomeExchange.

(Photos via French Riviera and Natal, Brazil.)


Grosgrain Kathleen said...

Oh I'd be QUITE flattered if you linked to me. Thank you! It's nice to know I'm not blogging to myself out there:)
As for the home swap thing, I've always romanticized doing something like this. If only I lived somewhere a little more exotic than Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Most of my family are from, that would be a decent trade, right?!

Autumn said...

I drafted a post with this mentioned in it yesterday. I had another site I was hunting before I put it out? Its just unreal. That second picture-and the first. AHHH. I'd SO love to do this. When I was thinking about this my initial fear would be someone destroying my house. But I guess the good news is that they'd have the same risk so they'd hopefully respect yours. I agree, a year with kids is a bit (a lot) much. But shorter excursions...ahhh. Not sure that my hometown is destination vacation for anyone, but I'd be willing to find out! (I've only peeked at the site, is there a registration fee?)

Rachel H said...

Hi there! I randomly linked to your blog... finding we have a few things in common! I live in the same area of central Ohio... and my Dh is a Dentist who went to OSU for school, and we are lds. Are you as well? Funny!! I read/like several of the same blogs..